Pakistan Criticizes India’s Nationalistic Remarks

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) urged Indian politicians to stop involving Pakistan in their election campaigns. They accused Indian leaders of using anti-Pakistan sentiments to stir nationalistic fervor and gain electoral advantages.

“We urge Indian politicians to stop dragging Pakistan into their domestic politics for electoral gains and to handle sensitive strategic matters with the utmost caution. We call upon the international community to take note of the Indian leadership’s belligerent rhetoric, which poses a grave threat to regional peace and stability,” the FO statement read.

This statement followed comments by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Muzzafarpur, Bihar. The FO described the repeated anti-Pakistan rhetoric from Indian leaders as a sign of an extremist mindset, highlighting an unhealthy obsession with Pakistan.

“The bravado and jingoism exhibited by Indian leaders reveal a reckless and extremist mindset, questioning India’s ability to responsibly manage its strategic capabilities.”

The FO also highlighted that Pakistan had recently exposed India’s extrajudicial killings on its territory. It argued that India’s repeated claims of willingness to undertake aggressive operations in Pakistan indirectly acknowledged these actions.

Pakistan noted that the Modi administration leveraged claims of unauthorized killings on Pakistani territory to boost the BJP’s appeal to voters during elections.

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