How India achieved feat of 1.03 crore vaccination in a day

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The record feat of 1.03 crore vaccine doses on August 27 was achieved on the back of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Haryana notching up their highest daily jab numbers, villages joining the party with 70 percent of all jabs given in rural India, and Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon hitting their peak in jabs.

Uttar Pradesh breached the three million doses mark on August 27 for the first time. Karnataka also recorded its highest vaccination mark of over 1.1 million jobs. Maharashtra recorded a little shy of one million jobs. These three states accounted for 50 percent of the total vaccinations in India on Friday.

Two other states, West Bengal and Haryana also achieved their highest daily vaccination mark on August 27. While West Bengal saw 5.53 lakh vaccinations, Haryana was a surprise package as it achieved its highest vaccination mark of 6.12 lakh doses, which was almost double its earlier highest mark.

While rural India notched up nearly 73 lakh jobs out of the total 1.03 crore jabs, big urban centers topped the vaccination numbers. Mumbai district saw the highest number of 1.77 lakh vaccinations on August 27. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (Bengaluru) recorded its highest vaccination mark of 1.67 lakh jabs while Bengaluru Urban and Bengaluru Rural also hit their highest daily vaccination mark. Gurgaon in Haryana hit its highest jab mark of 67,000 doses.

Incidentally, Madhya Pradesh – another high vaccination state – keeps Fridays as an off day for vaccination.

Going ahead, the government would want to increase the proportion of second doses in the total vaccinations. On August 27 for example, over 75 percent of the jabs given were first doses. The Centre is pressing upon states to run special campaigns so that the second dose is administered to the maximum number of people and full protection from COVID-19 is offered.

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