Google raises $4.6 million through internal donations for COVID-19 relief

Google raises $4.6 million through internal donations for COVID-19 relief

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Internet giant Google said it has so far raised $4.6 million (Rs 33 crore) through an internal donation campaign for COVID-19 relief in India.

The funds raised will go to nonprofit organizations, including GiveIndia, Charities Aid Foundation India, GOONJ, and United Way of Mumbai, Google said in a blog post.

Google has updated Search, Maps, and YouTube to help people find information on vaccines, availability of hospital beds, and medical oxygen.

India’s ferocious second wave of COVID-19 cases has led to a shortage of hospital beds, medical oxygen, and essential medicines. Several people are seeking resources for COVID-19 patients through social media platforms and messaging apps.

The company is testing a new feature using the Q&A function in Maps that will let users request and share information on the availability of hospital beds and medical oxygen in India.

Google said it is now sharing the locations of more than 23,000 vaccination centers across the country, in English and eight Indian languages. The search engine already provides information on 2,500 testing centers in India.

The company has also rolled out a COVID Aid campaign on Google Pay which lets users donate money to certain NGOs.

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