Arun Kumar Saini – Enterprises & Businessman, Group companies with interests in education, real estate, financial services and brand holdings.

Success Story of Young Entrepreneur: Arun Kumar Saini

Arun Kumar Saini born & brought in Village Kushak Hiranki (Delhi) Capital of India.

Arun Kumar Saini started taking a keen interest in business when he was 16. He had seen his father, C.S. Saini, working harder in his life & inspiration.

After completing Class 10 in 1997, he decided to take a break from studies to focus on the Indian Minded Business. He was developing his business skills.

The outcome: He abandoned studies to become a full-time Entrepreneur.

AKS is an avid biker but whenever he has free time, he goes to the library to study the newspaper . His idol is 12 Indian Businessmen, whom he admires for his aggression.

“Newspaper & Learning Motivational Books has given me the skills,” he says.

Arun Kumar Saini started his business career in 2002 at age 21 after learning indian businessman mindset.

In 2020 after 18 year, his Capital Group of Company Presence in 3 countries and he started Ario Holdings in 2020.

AKS (Arun Kumar Saini)  has recently expanded into new ventures such as genome medical tests, data centers & Digital world.

AKS (Arun Kumar Saini)  also has interests in Genomics research and Open Education System.

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