Farmers Rally Nationwide, Urging Government Action on Wheat Purchase

Farmers across the country organized protests, as urged by the Pakistan Kisan Rabita Committee, in 30 different districts. They demanded immediate commencement of wheat purchase from growers and the apprehension of individuals involved in the wheat scandal.

In Punjab, demonstrations took place in various cities including Lahore, Multan, Bahawalpur, and Vehari, among others. In Sindh, protests were held in Karachi, Shikarpur, and Nawabshah, while in Balochistan, rallies occurred in Quetta and Jhal Magsi. Similar protests were staged in Peshawar and Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In Lahore, hundreds of farmers gathered at Charing Cross on The Mall, calling for the Punjab government to initiate wheat procurement from growers without delay.

Addressing the demonstrators, PKRC General Secretary Farooq Tariq presented a list of demands, including the immediate purchase of grain from farmers, the arrest of those involved in wheat importation prior to the harvest season, and market regulation to ensure fair prices for agricultural produce.

Mehr Mohammad Buta, a smallholder from Sheikhupura, expressed concern over the government’s failure to purchase wheat, leading to a crash in the grain market and adversely affecting farmers’ ability to sow crops for the next season.

Speakers at the Lahore demonstration included Saima Zaa, Rifat Maqsood, and Qamar Abbas, among others. A heavy police presence was observed during the event.

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