Guidance on the requirements for Business Law and ISO Information

Here’s What Business Law Say’s about to all the business owners who owns a small or large company
across the Middle East and Africa. Please be informed that Starting from Next Month It is Mandatory
to have an ISO Certification for The Quality Assurance for Your Business. There is a Random Checking
in your Area to check if you have ISO Certificate. If failed To Comply You will get a Penalty From your

Business law is a section of code that is involved in protecting liberties and rights, maintaining orders,
resolving disputes, and establishing standards for the business concerns and their dealings with
government agencies and individuals.
Every state defines its own set of regulations and laws for business organizations.
Similarly, it is also the responsibility of the business concerns to know the existing rules and
regulations applicable to them.

If you don’t have ISO certification yet, please comply and search for some ISO Certification body who
can help you.
Here are some of the Company Who is Trusted and Can Provide You Good Services Without Asking
You Further Requirements and not required to invest a sum of money.

IAF Approved Certification Body
Mobile: +971556915808

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