The Delhi Metro implements custom-made project monitoring software

By Administrator_ India

Capital Sands

The Delhi Metro on Sunday announced that it has implemented a custom-made project monitoring software — Integrated Project Monitoring Software — for monitoring the progress of its Phase 4 corridors in the city and the Patna Metro.

Through Integrated project monitoring software, all the stages of project planning and implementation right from the tender stage to revenue operation of each corridor will be monitored, including the issues of work front availability such as land availability, tree transplantation, and shifting of services and design status, said DMRC.

The Integrated project monitoring software (IPMS) has the features of integration of other construction-related software and will monitor the progress of work of all disciplines — civil, electrical, mechanical, signaling, and telecommunication contract package-wise at the chief project manager and project manager levels and corridor-wise at the directors and managing director-level, said DMRC.

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